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Cheesecake is one of the most common desserts globally and perhaps one of the oldest in which they use dairy products other than milk. Maybe it’s with the American cheesecake or NY Cheesecake, or any of the baked cheesecakes on the blog. Those with that unique texture, denser, and a lot of dairy flavor remind me of the homemade cheesecakes of a lifetime.

It does not need an oven, and your children can help you, for example, to prepare the crushed biscuit base and, of course, to eat it later because this cheesecake, in addition to being accessible, is delicious! Easy Philadelphia kraft cheese recipes. Beat cream cheese and sugar well in medium bowl with electric mixer on medium speed. Gently fold in the prepared topping. Use a spoon to scoop the mixture into the base. Put the cherry filling around the edge of the cake. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Store the leftover cake in the fridge. Cheesecake recipesderechupete. Philadelphia Kraft Cream Cheese Discover all the Philadelphia Kraft Cream Cheese recipes from thousands of cooking recipes chosen from the best cooking blogs. Philadelphia cheesecake.

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For the cake base:

  1. One package of digestive biscuits
  2. 100 grams of butter
  3. One teaspoon vanilla extract
  4. 500 grams of Philadelphia cheese or similar
  5. 100 grams of white sugar
  6. 500 ml of whipping cream (35% fat)
  7. Two envelopes of curd
  8. One sachet of powdered gelatin
  9. One jar of strawberry or raspberry jam
  10. a lemon
  11. Three tablespoons of pastry flour
  12. a pinch of vanilla

For the raspberry sauce:

  1. 300 g of raspberries (can be frozen)
  2. juice of half a lemon
  3. a sheet of gelatin
  4. Three tablespoons of sugar


  1. The first thing we will do is make the cookies and crush them to powder. I have used the mixer of the blender, but you can put it in a bag, and with the help of a roller, we will leave them crushed.
  2. Melt the butter in the microwave and mix the crushed cookies with the butter and a touch of vanilla essence.
  3. We put the bottom of the vegetable paper in a mold and make the base of the cake. With the help of an espalier or with the hand, we press well. We put it in the fridge for 15 or 20 minutes.
  4. In a saucepan, we put the cream to cook together with the Philadelphia cheese, the curd envelopes, and the sugar. Let it simmer for 1 minute for the curd to act. If we do not cook, the curd may not work. Once all the cheese is melted and mixed with the other ingredients, we pour it on top of the biscuit base. We put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
  5. After that time, we put the strawberry jam in a saucepan with a splash of water and the gelatin envelope. Cook over low heat for a minute and remove. Let it cool a little (taking care that the mixture does not curdle) once it is warm and that it continues to be liquid; pour it on top of the cheese base and put it back in the fridge for a couple of hours. I let it cool a bit because I put it directly from the saucepan, and the cheese base melted completely hehe. So wait a few minutes.
  6. The next and last step is to add the sifted flour and mix everything with the rods again.
  7. Once our homemade cheesecake dough is made, we are going to take it to the mold and the oven

Preparation of the base of the cheesecake

  • We melt the butter (we use the microwave, it is faster). The mincer we crush the cookies (if you did not, we put the 25 cookies on a kitchen cloth and wrap them and then crush them with a spoon or something heavy, it is not OK, but it works the same) and add the melted butter on top.
  • Take the butter and biscuit mixture and spread it around the base of a large removable mold.
  • We press against the bottom with the help of a spoon or with our fingers. We put it in the fridge while we make the cream cheese.
  • In a bowl, we put the two tubs of cream cheese cream.
  • Add half of the condensed milk and mix with the mixer.
  • The most confounded advance comes from the gelatin issue. We put ten g. of neutral gelatin in a dry bowl. 300 ml of water (1 and a half glasses approx.) Of cold water.
  • We put the rest of the water in a saucepan over the fire until boiling (or directly to the micro for 2 minutes). We eliminate and empty the water into the holder where the gelatin had been left. We stir until its complete dissolution. Mix with the cream cheese and the rest of the condensed milk. Lightly beat all the mixture so that it is homogeneous and without any lumps.
  • We whip the cream. The best exhortation that every one of the fixings is cold. In contrast to the meringue (which should be at room temperature), the cream should be utilized hard. The cream, sugar, and holder should be straight from the fridge. We beat the sugar and cream until it is compact. I assure you that with the cruel trick, it comes out perfect.
  • Mix the whipped cream with the cheese mixture but gently. We better use a wooden or silicone spatula so that the cream does not fall.
  • We remove the container with the biscuit base from the fridge and add the cream cheese. We put it back in the refrigerator for about 4 hours.

How to bake the homemade cheesecake?

1. We will put the baking paper on our mold that we will have previously wet the countertop, and we will have put on it to make it more manageable (see video)

2. Once this is done, we place it, and with our hands, we are giving the shape of the mold, we pour the homemade cheesecake over it.

3. We will place the tray on the first support of the oven, almost at the bottom.

4. And now we take the mold, and we will take it to the oven at 200º for the first 10 minutes.

5. After that time, we will lower the temperature to 180º, and we will have it for 35 more minutes.

6. After that time, we will put the air, leaving ten more minutes.

7. After that time, the homemade cheesecake will be ready

8. If you have come this far, you like homemade cheesecake or cake; I leave you more recipes like this.

9. Let it cool for two hours at room temperature before unmolding it, once it has been removed for another two hours in the fridge or out of it, as you like.

10. It only remains to enjoy this easy cheesecake

Perfect cheesecake

  • When it comes to whipping the cream, the best advice is that all the ingredients are cold. Unlike meringue (which must be at room temperature), the cream should be used hard. The cream, sugar, and holder should be straight from the fridge.
  • This classic recipe or classic cheesecake is the most straightforward recipe you can find because it mixes and is done. To make the cheesecake a success, I have added quality strawberries, but you can use the jam or jam (as in the video) that you like the most.
  • It admits many variations, peach, strawberries, berries, bitter orange, mango, pear, lemon; the fruit is the ally of this cheesecake.
  • The other trick of this dessert is an envelope of neutral gelatin, and you can buy it in any supermarket or trustworthy store; it will make it have the exact texture.
  • As you are not going to use an oven, all you need for this cake is to prepare it from one day to the next. It needs about 10 hours in the fridge to come out perfect, and the most fundamental thing is that you like cheese.

Tips on homemade cheesecake

1. You will notice that the cheesecake during baking sulfa (rises) a lot, don’t worry, it’s normal.

2. When you take it out of the oven, it will lower that padding, and it will sink, so don’t worry.

3. cracks can also come out. Nothing happens.

4. When you take it out of the oven, you will notice it liquid, don’t worry, when it cools, it will solidify.

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